Friday, 13 March 2015

Ok. Before we can start to work with Allegro library or start to making our own 2D games, we need to download and configure the Allegro 5 library. For this game dev course we are going to use Visual C++ 2008/10 and of course Allegro 5 library. For more see the very short video tutorial on how to install Allegro inside Visual C++ 2008/10.

This video was published by Mike Geig on how to install Allegro 5 inside Visual C++ 2010. I will also try to write my own text as many as possible so that you can follow me and Mike in this video tutorials on your journey to make your first 2D game. In the next post we are going to write our fist Allegro 5 program inside Visual C++ 2008. So that's all for now, see you soon.

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  1. I have already installed Allegro 5 inside Visual C++ 2008 as well as make my first Allegro 5 program. How about you, did you manage to install Allegro 5 properly inside Visual C++ 2008/10?



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