Friday, 10 June 2016

Writen by: Amar Tufo,
For Mozilla Firefox
Bosnia and Herzegovina, 
Sarajevo, Tech blogger

Recently, Mozilla, company behind Mozilla Firefox web browser return back it's test pilot option program allowing users to participate and make Firefox better web browser and boast web user experience. So, I my self decide to participate and test their new function known as Activity Stream. So what is Activity Stream? 

Introduced recently as one of the most serious Mozilla Firefox feature upgrade, Activity Stream tend to offer user a brant new on line experience than ever before. Now, in style of time line you can visit all your favorite web sites you recently checked, bookmarked or even those that haven't been bookmarked, Firefox will show them to you in a New Tab. 

What so good, the Firefox Developers gives their best effort in redesign of New Tab, Activity Stream that now gives you all your favorite web sites in chronological order and visit time or time before you visited certain web site. It also gives you a summary of web site in a thumbnail that you can simply click and that's it.  

This is how their Activity Stream really looks like. As you can see down bellow, it's a feature written here as Top Activity but it's actually a time line, a unique feature that records every visited web site. Therefore, once you open your New Tab in Firefox, Acitivity Stream if it's enabled will offer you every single web page you have visited from the beginning of browsing. 

It's cool, It's Firefox - Take back the web;

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