Thursday, 13 April 2017

As you now I'm enrolled in NDG Linux Essential course which is preparation for takink LCPI - 1 (Linux Certified Professional). Therefore I have compiled a series of useful online resources and books which I used alongside this course as well as beside it to expand my further knowledge in Linux administration, Networking, CLI skills, BASH skills and more. So, without further delay, check out my list.

Written by: Amar Tufo
13, april 2017

1) Debian Administrator's Handbook - Debian Jessy from discovery to mastery |

2) Pro Ubuntu Server Administration - Sender Van Gugt
© Apress 2009 |

3) The Linux System Administration Guide 1993 - 2014 GNU Free Documentation License 1.2 |

 4) The Linux Network Administrators Guide - Group of authors   

 5) The Linux Networking - Paul Cobbaut © CEST 2015                

 6) Linux Network Administrator's Guide - 3-rd Edition © O'Reilly 2015 |

 7) The Linux Admin Quick Reference - Command Chet Sheet               

8) Basic Linux Networking Commands You Should Know - It's F.O.S.S

 9) Learning the BASH shell - 3-rd Edition, Cameron Newham © O'Reilly 2009  |

10) BASH Reference Manual  © GNU Fuondation 2016

 11) 7 dmesg command for troubleshooting Linux system - TecMint 

Ok, this is it. I shall note that some of the links provided in my article might not work therefore I suggest you typing the name of provided book/or on-line resources in this list for quicker finding this you're self. I need to say that this list is not the only one as I shall compile my next one with much better resources and tutorials as well as exams for expanding knowledge in Linux. Till than, well see you soon. 


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