Friday, 28 April 2017

Welcome to my NDG Linux Essential course week 4 official report. It's been a while since I posted my third week report of this course in which I'm enrolled and today was my first lab on module 4 of this course. If you wonder what was the lab about, well it was Command Line skills and some frequent commands used in BASH such as: which, echo $PATH, echo today is `date` a back quotes command as well as uname. Most interesting part of NDG Linux Essential course Module4 was certainly final exam for this part in which I scored the 8 grade.  Here's a quick screen shoot of my test as well as my grade.

Written by: Amar Tufo
28. April 2017

Figure 1: NDG Linux Essential course | Module 4 exam

You can also see entire exam for module 4 of my NDG Linux Essential course in this pdf file which I have make.

As you can see above my test, there is my name on top of it to prove that I'm enrolled and so that NDG Linux Essential instructor can grade my work. Basically this test consisted from 10 questions covering both Linux terminology as well and BASH commands. This my final score on this exam.

Figure 2: NDG Linux Essential course | Module 4 exam score

I can say that I'm very happy and motivated by my accomplished results and progress that I achieved so far. Module 4 has been successfully completed and soon I will start Module 5 of this course. Till then, have a nice weekend and wee see you soon.

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