Wednesday, 12 April 2017

It's been a while since I post about my Linux Essential course provided by Network Development Group and Cisco. Now I'm in second week of my Linux Education adventure and this is what I done so far. As you shall see in a moment, I have taken different approach to my course and you're gonna see in a moment what it is. 

Written by: Amar Tufo.

#Week Two - and I'm still progressing!

There we go, a good friend of all Linux geeks a CLI (Command Line Interface). I finally comes to point where this course gets really interesting in a sense that I' supposed to execute a certain command via Terminal in a BASH (Bourne Again Shell). To be honest, I prefer the dark side of Linux, a good old TTY. 

# When on course, write down your blog!

Here I have taken a screen shoot with my smart phone cam of my writings during this course. As you can see at the right upper corner of my page, there's a 'Linux Preparation LXO - 1' title and bellow it my respected name. Bellow the title of this course there is old logo of my web site. Basically I taken some notes on important commands that I'm working with such as ls to list the contents of directory; cd to navigate to certain directory; history command to list all the commands that have been previously used and etc.

In this screen shoot, you can see that I have reach a part of my course 'Indroducing BASH shell variables' where I have write some basic and important things to remember, such as variable HISTSIZE that can display how much command is going to be stored in it's memory. For example, I can say my HISTSIZE variable that it should store 1000 commands in it's memory and sintax to do that via Terminal is the following:


Once you type history command in Terminal, it will store 1000 commands in it's memory per one entry. For more about history, please see man history.
In this picture, you can see how far did I come on my NDG Linux Essential Course dashboard. The blue rectangle shows exactly which part did I reach and which parts were completed. But here's the interesting part of my Linux adventure, it's a self made test of Linux skills containing some 40 questions covering both system administration, network skills as well as commands. 

I need to note that this screen shoot of my test is compiled after my job interview with in the Crossvallia company in BiH, headquarters in Bosmal City Center, Sarajevo. They give me the same test to complete which was not different from my own test which I compiled one week later to boost my Linux skills, and eventually I got to NDG Linux Essential course which will do just that, make me a hell of Linux administrator.

What to say at the end?

Well, honestly I'm really inspired while doing my education on Linux and progressing trough this course. On things that inspires me more, that this entire course can be linked to your professional LinkedIn account where it can show of your skills and eventually get you hired. 

Well see us soon in my third week report, till than.
Best wishes.

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