Monday, 3 April 2017

Before I say anything else, I shall note that I have recently redesigned my website logo which you can visit here. Also I recently enrolled in NDG Linux Essential course which is free but very useful course for LCPI exam preparation. 

I have very very good knowledge in Linux, booth administration and networking so I decided to prepare my self for LCPI - 1 (Linux Certified Professional) exam provided by Linux Institute | I have also compiled a list of useful resources (booth Linux books and on-line web sites such as TecMint, It's F.O.S.S) for further my studies. In case of NDG Linux Essential course, this what I done so far.

I take a screen shoot from my NDG course dashboard which track's my progress. One of the things I really love about NDG Linux Essential is that they give you student access to virtual UBUNTU PC for completing labs exam at module four such as Bash Scripting, Interface configuration | ifconfig, or directory navigation via Terminal and so. So I'm really exited to learn all those things in the future. 

This course takes about 70 hours to complete, so I'm taking every new module every new day so I can make my own labs, examination, or even compile my own question which I post under my website so you can enroll as well. My website is publishing entire progress of my course so you can see what I'm doing and so. 

Thanks for reading and wee see you soon!


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