Sunday, 18 June 2017

As many of you know, I'm on my second month, 6-th week of my NDG Linux Essential course which is preparation for taking LCPI -1 exam for Linux System Administrator. Couple weeks ago I have launched my very own YouTube channel /Amar Tufo/ where I published my videos from Ubuntu Linux tutorials and other areas of my interests. Therefore I have made couple days ago this amazing tutorial on 'How to convert .RPM package into DEBIAN using Alien?'. It's a very short video that explain what alien is and how to use it. I shall note that this tutorial is not intended for Linux beginners as to fact that it assumed that you have some experience in Linux, that you are well familiar with Linux terminology as well as using Terminal. Before you watch my video, let us explain shortly what is Alien, how can you find out about Alien via Linux and so on.

Written by: Amar Tufo
18. June, 2017

1. It's GNU/alien and not an Alien!

Don't you worry, there are no Aliens inside Linux. It's a tool designed to convert an .RPM package into fully flash .DEBIAN installation package that you can later install via Terminal or by GNOME software. But, if you are not certain about alien as a tool, there's one guy that you can ask and it's a man alien. Once you typed man alien in your Terminal, the following page will appear and it will look like this:

Figure 1: Entry man page for alien
Image source: local /home/amar

Without further delay, here's the official video of this short tutorial which I made proudly using Kdenlive open source video editor. 

Video: How to convert .RPM package into .DEB using Alien

That's it. Make sure to watch this video and hopefully you will learn something from it. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, like it, share it, and comment bellow the video. I see you next time.

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