Monday, 10 July 2017

Finally I have written my NDG Linux Essential course - week 6 - in two parts and now I'm about to show you how my final exam look like, it's question and finally the grade I scored. I must say that these are official NDG Linux Essential exams for each week I passed and they can be really challenging when it comes to show off your Linux skills and knowledge. Ok! Let's jump into test. 

Written by: Amar Tufo
10. July 2017

This is the official and final exam for NDG Linux Essential module 6 - working with files and directories. I scored 8 grade in this test as I'm very proud on my self since these kind of skills are mostly required when working with files and directories in Linux. Make sure to comment my test, share booth articles in description bellow. That's it. I'l see you at 7 week of NDG Linux adventure.

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1) NDG Linux Essential course - week 6 - part I

2) NDG Linux Essential course - week 6 - part II

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