Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Welcome to my seven week of my NDG Linux Essential adventure. As you know I have recently published my first LPIC Shell Exam, final exam for SHELL chapter compiled after LPIC-1 Certification Bible which I use for LPIC-1 exam preparation alongside NDG Linux Essential course. As noted I have completed successfully LPIC-1 Shell chapter from mentioned book (link is down in description bellow). Now the NDG Linux Essential course - module 7- is covering the following tasks in order to complete it:

> > Compressing files under Linux format such as .tar.gz
> > Decompressing files . . .
> > Archiving . . .

Basically this module is very short but it does include the final 10 question exam in order to complete it. Check the image down bellow:

Image 1: NDG Linux Essential module 7 intro

As you can see, it is very short part of my NDG Linux Adventure and therefore I'm going to expend it using LPIC-1 Certification Bible /special chapter. Stay tuned and have a nice stay at my blog.


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