Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Welcome again to my NDG Linux Essential adventure, module 7 of my Linux course. Shortly, NDG Linux Essential module 7 cover mostly working with tar, gzip, bzip2, compressing/uncompressing, creating tarball, viewing it's content, extracting it into other directory on your Linux distribution and so on. I have learn so much amazing and important things on working with tarball, creating a backup of your files and directories which could be very handy when you uploading a files to your server or website and so on. Finally, my module ended with exam that consisted of 10 questions which I successfully scored with 10 grade. Here's my final exam of module 7. Oh, I almost forgot. Before you view my exam, I suggest you to jump on my tutorial of working with tarball which you can see down bellow.

Written by: Amar Tufo
16. August 2017

Video tutorial: Working with tarball ~ Amar Tufo

Ok, and here's a test for NDG Linux Essential module 7 of my intensive Linux course which consisting of 10 questions as previous modules. Question have been answered and you can access them via my website.

That's all folks for this week. I hope that this intensive Linux course will help and motivate you as well to get started your own Linux career and preparation for some serious Linux certification such as LPIC-1 which I have started. I see you soon on my YouTube channel and in NDG Linux Essential - week 8 - . Till then, have a nice weekend!

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